Hi, I'm Are - the Core model evangelist 😀

I invented the Core model in 2006, and my mission is to spread the gospel of simple collaboration.

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Upcoming book

The book about the Core model was published in Norwegian in 2021, and will hopefully be published in English in the course of 2022.

Read the preface by Gerry McGovern

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Upcoming talks

Let's have a chat if you're heading to any of these conferences!

Yggdrasil - April 24-26 (Sandefjord)

Kjernemodellen 2022 – En tidløs og intuitiv tilnærming til å lage bedre digitale tjenester

Confab - May 9-12 (Minneapolis)

The Core Model: A timeless way to connect people, content, and strategy

OmnichannelX - June 13-16 (online)

The Core model – A tool for holistic cooperation across silos and channels